Homestuck CMV: Brain Stew ⇢

Would there be even a sliver of chance any of you will be at Grand Rapids Comic Con?

Maybe some day! We enjoy Motor City Comic con so Grand Rapids should be fun to! Just not this year we are a little busy with other cons, such as Youmacon and Supernatural con!

Any more Avatar the Last Airbender Videos Planned? If so... AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Jumps through roof and starts singing "I'M SO EXCITED! I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!*

Skill has millions upon millions planned… just not the costume. However everyone else is more than willing to make more don’t fret we will make more and just remain calm like Katara.

… or not.

When you're filming outside do people recognise you?, if so how do you and they react?

Not really, If people do it’s somebody we know personally however no one has said “HEY I KNOW YOU FROM YOUTUBE!” Outside of a convention. Except it happend to skill once it was weird and she didn’t know how to react honestly.

Any cosplay tutorials coming soon?

Perhaps, if you go to Rhyme’s channel and Skill’s Channel they have a couple tutorials up just look up RhymeLawliet and Skillamane on youtube and you’ll find it.

I feel like 365 by Electric Joy Ride would be COS's theme song because the song is cute (in a good way, of course), and so is your cosplay group! =^.^=

That is indeed a cute song however our unofficial official theme song is Safe and Sound by capital cities, Time made a wonderful video for all of us with it and it just sort of stuck. Also during our epic slow speed moments it would be Carmina Burana by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. For the video that time made click here:

HONOR WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR RORY WILLIAMS WIG?!?!?!??!?, Blue Steele style, sandy brown color.

Hii!!! So i have had this HUGE crush on Rhyme ever since i first saw her in a video. I was just wondering since i am a Trans boy would i have a chance at possibly dating you once we got to know each other just hypothetically *runs and hides* >///<!

I don’t see why not, gender isn’t an issue to me. And thanks, that’s sweet. :)

Who's house do you guys cosplay at for Ouran? Fruits Basket?

The fancy-looking Victorian style house is Skill’s house, where we usually film Ouran or Black Butler.

Were Rhyme and Skill actually naked in the Nice Hotel Parody video OWO

YES! No, just kidding, they wore sports tape on their chests and boxer shorts on their… netherparts.

Look at these almost-naked losers.