WHAT A COINCIDENCE SO ARE WE! Well… some of us, Axis, Skill and Yin will be there for one day only, Axis and Skill will be cosplaying Spike and Pinkie Pie from My little Pony and Yin is undecided at this moment. We are not going to make a meet up once again but if you see us feel free to stop and say hi! We love meeting and talking to you guys!

Out Of All Of You...... Which are related to Each other

Dare and Honor are sisters. Rhyme and Guess are sisters. These are the only ones that are related, but we’re all basically family. As they say in Supernatural, “Family don’t end with blood, boy!”

Do any of you wear a chest binder when Cosplaying male characters?

Yes, all of us wear chest binders. They are much more safe than other binding methods. We got ours from a website called “underworks.com”

*stares awkwardly* yeeeeeeeee

*returns awkward stare tenfold*

Did you guys get to flim in the snow at all?

Yes, we did a little bit. This winter was bitterly cold where we live, so we didn’t do a lot of filming. Rhyme and Guess did some filming for Rhyme’s personal channel too, which should be posted pretty soon.

Are you guys planning of adding any new cosplays like attack on Titan or something. Btw your amazing videos inspired me and my friends to start cosplaying and we love it

Hello— we are crazy, and we’re all planning new cosplays. Quite a few people in our group are planning on cosplaying from Attack on Titan! We can’t say exactly what’ll be next in terms of new cosplays for videos, but we’ll see… Thank you, glad you’re having fun.

When do you guys think you will posting a Youmacon video?

It’s going to be a while— Time has been having problems with her editing system.

Have any of you played or watched the anime adaptation of Dangan Ronpa?


Honor: I can’t even say that…

Guess: I wouldn’t be opposed to it, a lot of people really like it.

Hi! I apologize if this has been asked before, but I was wondering if you guys are going to be doing anymore Hetalia cosplay? Love you all! :3

Dare: Scheduled, but looking unlikely.

Skill and Rhyme have CMV’s planned, and there will probably be a few skits here and there. Thanks!

Hello COS Family! This is not a question, but I've had a strong urge to tell you all how much I appreciate you all. I love each and everyone of you, and how much dedication you have. I do consider you all as a family, because you are all very close with one another. I know that your all very busy with School, and work and other things, so finding time to do all of this really is quite amazing. You're the reason I got into cosplay; It's my current obsession. Thank you so much, everyone. <3

All: -collective “aww”-

That’s really sweet— we definitely consider ourselves a family, and we do have a lot to work around in terms of schedules and school. But as long as we can, we’ll keep doing our best to get together and have cosplay shenanigans. Our lives just wouldn’t be the same without each other, and without this hobby. We’re glad that you’ve had such a positive experience with cosplay, and that you’re continuing to enjoy yourself.